Nicor Home Service's Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Kids!

Many concerned scientists warn that the overuse of energy gradually releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, which destroys everything in our environment that depends on clean air. People – kids included -- need to exercise caution when they consume energy. As long as people become aware of their bad energy habits, they will contribute towards the preservation of everything around them, including their very own lives. Here are some simple energy-saving tips that little kids can do to help their parents, friends, and neighborhood around them.

Do you want to save energy? Turn off the lights when leaving the room! Not only will this help stop your mom from nagging you, it will save her a couple of cents. The money she can save on her electric bill could mean more ice cream sandwiches go into the refrigerator! Parents can help their kids save the environment by packing their lunches with Eco-friendly products, such as reusable containers, instead of disposable wraps and plastic bags. To save on energy costs, kids can simply put on a sweater in the house, instead of turning on the heater. In addition, they can ride their bike or walk to school, instead of catching a ride with their parents. Even carpooling by riding the bus is better for the environment than every student riding to school with their parents. Students can also contribute to saving energy and the environment by using both sides of notebook paper. Teachers can instruct their students to reuse chalk, pens, pencils, and art supplies before opening unused packages.

Kids can also do their part by telling other people about these energy-saving tips. It will help to raise awareness in the community, which will make an overall impact in the long haul. For more information on energy efficiency, look to the following resources below for more information;


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